Wise words from Tyler Perry – Plant the Seeds and then let Grace take over

When you listen to Tyler Perry speak it is so abundantly clear that he is living, being and speaking in total alignment, whilst using his G-d given gifts.

His message is totally clear. Plant the seeds with vigour and with passion. Then stand back and trust that they will be given all they need to grow. The sun will shine and the rain will fall. We know that G-d controls the elements and so we go about our day, expecting and trusting that all will fall into place just as nature does.

The most important aspect of all is to know who is watering your seeds and who is in charge of the sun shining. It is this spiritual connection that gives Tyler Perry a way of being, that is so inspired. He is so fully aware that it is the Grace of G-d that is guiding him towards his highest potential.

A strong focus on one goal coupled with ultimate Faith in a divine force, that is pulling all the strings, is his spiritual recipe for success.

Enjoy this video, it will lift your day and is a perfect reminder of connecting to our spark within whilst surrendering to divine guidance.

What is the One goal that you would like to focus on? Define it clearly. In Hi Chi, we call this our Hi Chi Magic Mirror of Clarity. The moment you make it crystal clear and define your ultimate goal, you create open the door for it to begin to take shape. Write it down now and state it in 3 sentences. In our Self Healing Mastery program we then “water our seeds” with our specific daily Hi Chi Mindfulness Meditations.

Take at least step each day towards this goal and you will see how quickly momentum builds and things begin to happen!

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