5 ways that space heals the mind and body

1.Tony Robbin’s example of a live blood cell analysis

I first witnessed the healing power of Space in 2001 when I attended Tony Robbin’s Life Mastery seminar with my Mum in Hawaii.

When we arrived Tony offered everyone the chance to have a live blood cell analysis. By taking a tiny drop of blood from my finger I was able to see my cells floating around on the practitioner’s computer screen. It was fascinating to see what my cells looked like.

Tony explained that healthy cells bounce around on the screen independently and were light in colour. Unhealthy cells could be seen as stagnant clusters that were stuck together and darker in colour. After a couple of days Tony asked someone who’s cells looked worryingly stuck together, to redo the test again. The difference being that the person had now moved a lot (Tony’s seminars have the sparkling energy of a personal development rave – movement is a given), and had consumed some alkaline green drinks. The new picture showed how the cells were independently gliding around, looking lighter and healthier.  It was amazing to see how quickly a person’s body can respond to movement. The definitive difference between the first and second photos was the initial absence of and subsequent presence of space between the cells.

2. “Mosquitos live by stagnant water”  Chunyi Lin – Spring Forest Qi Gong

In 2005 I discovered Spring Forest Qi Gong, which was founded by Master Chunyi Lin. Several years later I was blessed to attend his 4 day live seminar in London. When Master Lin spoke about moving energy he said something profound that has stayed with me.

“Mosquitos live by stagnant water.”

Energy is meant to move and so are we. Moving our Chi means that we become part of the flow of Life. Master Lin teaches that when our energy moves we can avoid “mosquitos” getting comfortable in our sphere. Master Lin teaches about dissolving blockages and by doing so, this creates space in the body to heal. When an iceberg melts it allows the water to flow freely again.

3. E-motion

Emotion has been explained as energy in motion. When we hold on tightly to a fixed perspective on anything there is no room for new possibilities and viewpoints to arise. This means that we keep ourselves literally stuck at that point. Meditation and energy work allow energy to move. It is the ability to notice the space between thoughts that allows us to interrupt an unconscious thought pattern.

4. And here is Einstein’s golden nugget:

Energy cannot be created or destroyed  – it can only be transformed.


5. Dr Joe Dispenza and space

Dr Joe Dispenza talks a lot about the space that exists in everything and all around us. He guides people through an “in space” meditation to experience spaciousness.

“If you can put your hands beyond your ears, take them away and the SENSE the space where your hands were and sense the energy of the space around it, that is all I’m asking you to do. Becoming aware of the space AROUND there, focussing on energy and nothing, tends to create organized and coherent brain waves in alpha. Go at it from a different attitude.”

Connect space to your meditation sessions and you will literally feel everything begin to loosen and transform!

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