5 things energy healing and boxing have in common

My best friend Natalie has been addicted to a Drum n Bass Boxing class for years. Whilst I move energy with healing, Natalie releases her stress in a boxing class. She had invited me several times to join her at Fight Klub and I finally decided to give it a go a few months ago. Before the class even began I knew I was going to enjoy it but I didn’t know that I would become addicted to the buzz of the class so quickly.

A snippet of the interview with Karina Grant and Hugh Harper from Fight Klub

So what do Energy Healing and Boxing have in common?


1. You meet a high energy crowd of all ages

All my preconceived ideas about boxing being an aggressive sport dissipated as soon as the class started. I was surrounded by people of all ages and abilities (from kids to grandparents) who were literally having tons of fun and letting off steam to music that just simply makes you move.

2. You mirror the high energy around you

The instructor Hugh Harper is one of a kind. As a Martial Arts teacher he fully understands how his own energy impacts everyone else. He is such a warm and happy person and is constantly MC’ing lyrics designed to spur you on and increase your output. I could see straight away that everything I teach about resonance and mirroring in all the HI CHI workshops was also happening in the class, in a physical way. The participants were mirroring Hugh’s super high energy and as a result, people could achieve way more whilst in his class. Finding a teacher that puts in 10000% in their class to bring the best out of everyone is a gift.

3. Mindfulness happens by default

With 4 people standing around a punchbag learning a routine that forces the brain to focus and be mindful, I found it to be a very high energy way to move adrenaline out of the body in a physical way.

4. It reduces anxiety

Participants find that the high intensity of the class gets their endorphins flowing so much that it reduces anxiety and expresses people’s internalised anger in a healthy way.

5. It is an active part of a Wellness routine

I have loved incorporating Fight Klub into my own Wellness plan. I move energy with healing and meditation, so the boxing compliments this in a physical way.

I was so delighted when Hugh moved his Fight Klub classes online during lockdown and have introduced many friends to his online class now. I highly recommend giving it a try – you will love it!

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