Still your mind and heal your body.

The HI CHI Integrated Health Institute teaches you highly effective techniques to balance your mind and body, running online programs and events on mindfulness, meditation and healing.

HI CHI Programs

Self Healing Mastery

This unique 6 week Mindfulness Meditation and Self Healing program has such a high impact and is so easy to practice.

  • Karina, 11 months ago
  • min read
Permissioning & Transformation Program

Permissioning and Transformation™

Permissioning and Transformation is a simple technique that is highly effective in getting rid of negative emotions and solving problematic situations.

  • Karina, 11 months ago
  • min read

HI CHI Events



Addiction Webinar

Thursday, Sep 24th, 20:00 BST

Online: Somewhere comfortable!





Monday, Oct 12th, 17:30 BST

Online: Somewhere comfortable!


HI CHI Blogs

Introducing The HI CHI App

Simply listen and transform A life filled with HI CHI means having a high level of energy in your life.

  • Karina, 2 months ago
  • 3 min read

Introducing the HI CHI App

Examples of the HI CHI application
Finding your feet
Duration: 13:07

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