Why do the KaarmiBeing techniques combine so well with energy healing?

Is it possible to have a clear, high energy throughout the day, by focusing our mind in a specific way?

How can we also raise our vibration outside of a healing session and in our practical daily lives?

This 5000-year-old ancient philosophy teaches us that our level of wellbeing is a mirror of our minds

If we arrive at a healing session with a clear state of mind then we can expect to reach a much higher vibration.


Can you increase your energy with solutions?

Every morning, we wake up with a fresh supply of energy that helps us get through the day. Depending on the conversations, thoughts, and events in our day this energy can either be depleted or increased. With a decreased energy it becomes more difficult to concentrate or focus on tasks that need our attention.

Each person has their own challenges in life. It is all about the way that we deal with each challenge. KaarmiBeing teaches very practical tools and solution-based techniques to deal with our challenges and quickly increase our vitality and resilience. 

What Happens to Your Body When You’re Angry?


One of the fastest ways to deplete our vitality is by feeling anger that we hold on to. 

There are many reasons why people get angry, but the most common is that they feel like their needs or wants are not being met. When we are feeling anger, it can be difficult to focus on anything else. This is because when we have an angry mind, our body releases cortisol and adrenaline hormones which make us tense up. These hormones also increase blood pressure and heart rate while decreasing the movement of food in our stomachs. The result? Our energy levels drain quickly!

Anger is represented in the element of fire. This means each time we are in a state of anger towards another person we also “burn” ourselves. As much as fire needs oxygen to continue burning, anger drains our energy for as long as it exists within our minds.

One of the KaarmiBeing techniques is a practical on-the-go “emergency” technique to naturally expel red hot anger from the mind and body. After this, we can think much more clearly and focus on a rational solution to the issue. 

By being able to face day-to-day confrontations with a clear and focused mind we are able to preserve our life force energy, without wasting it on anger and unpleasant emotions. 

KaarmiBeing is filled with techniques to keep our senses balanced. This ability stops us from having thoughts that constantly distract us away from what is important. 

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Intuitive Alarms

This ancient philosophy teaches us that we all have a highly alert intuition that can also be described as an internal alarm system. Our alarm system is loud and clear, especially before we take an action that is not in our favour.

Having the ability to recognise and hear this alarm system saves us a lot of emotional stress that nearly always follows these types of actions.

KaarmiBeing is about constantly containing and persevering our emotional and mental energy, which increases our vitality and wellbeing.


And breathe… What are the KaarmiBeing meditation techniques focused on?


There are an abundance of breathing techniques out there and if you have learned any of the other HI CHI programs then you will already have a lot of amazing techniques in your healing toolbox.

Divers and singers learn breathing techniques to increase their oxygen flow. There are so many breathing techniques available to learn. What matters most is the intention and purpose of each technique.

The KaarmiBeing breathing and meditative techniques are very practical and are specifically for the purpose of:

  • Uniting your mind, speech and body for an optimum focused state of mind
  • Increasing your concentration ability
  • How to calm the mind and reset the nervous system
  • Overcoming intrusive thoughts
  • Overcoming the desires that are influenced by having low vitality and a scattered mind (e.g over eating, drinking, shopping and any addictive behaviour)

Most importantly the techniques are simple, practical and can even be practiced for one minute before any important conversation, meeting, event, test, or task. 

Once I had learned the KaarmiBeing teachings I understood why Amir is so successful and able to consistently achieve his goals. With far less time spent on life’s challenges and far more time spent on creating high-energy solutions, positive outcomes are a natural occurrence in his daily life. This lifestyle offers a much more productive and clear-thinking approach to all aspects of life.  

I have been implementing this ancient wisdom in my own life and have found that all of my other HI CHI practices are sitting on an internal mental platform that is even clearer and more highly focused. 

I invite you to come and learn this fascinating knowledge yourself. You will be amazed at how much a clear mind raises your energy levels!

Learn more about the KaarmiBeing Level 1 workshop


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