Permissioning and Transformation for pregnancy and birth

My first experience learning Permissioning and Transformation was when I was already 8 day overdue with my second child.

My mentor, Kaye Lee taught me the Permissioning and Transformation techniques and I felt myself melt into a state of total deep and profound peace, whilst experiencing a most beautiful connection with my baby. I knew at that moment that I would be teaching these techniques at some point in the future because it felt so blissful.

I recently received a call from a pregnant client called Jasmine, telling me that she was in a state of high anxiety due to worries about her baby being breach and her midwife’s pressurizing response to this situation.

I knew that the Permissioning and Transformation techniques were exactly what she needed.

Jasmine had hoped that we could “help the baby turn” with energy healing.

I shared with Jasmine what my incredible and internationally respected Doula, Lilianna Lammers teaches.

The more relaxed the mother is, the more this encourages the baby to turn naturally – at any time.

Lilianna has been present at over 400 births and has taught alongside the legendary obstetrician and natural birth pioneer,  Dr. Michel Odent for decades. Her guidance reaffirmed all I know about healing and resonance, at the most primal level.

With this in mind I taught Jasmine some Permissioning and Transformation techniques which focused on overcoming all her concerns and creating a totally relaxed internal environment for the baby to resonate to.

Read about Jasmine’s amazing experience…

“I booked a Permissioning and Transformation session with Karina 2 weeks before my 8th baby was due to arrive. The midwife had recently told me that my baby was breach and would not come out head first. She said this would likely require medical intervention. This caused me to really become anxious and what I really wanted was to go back into my blissful, trusting state that I was in before that conversation. I was so annoyed that she really caused me such anxiety.

I was looking for a way to deeply relax and return to my blissful state of peace and also hoping that the baby would turn herself.

During the session with Karina we worked on crafting Permissions about having an easy birth and also having total divine trust in being supported through the birth at all times.  I said the Permissions once everyday for the 2 week period leading up the birth. My baby turned herself around naturally with no medical intervention needed.

6 of my 7 previous births have been longer and harder labours. I had one experience of a quicker birth. However this last recent birth was so fast and beautiful, that I had to text Karina soon after the baby was born to tell her about it and say thank you for the Permissions, which are so potent.

I felt that my baby would be arriving quickly and she did!

Having a baby during in the middle of the COVID restrictions added to what could have been a stressful time. Regardless of what was said to me by anyone at the hospital and the environment in the hallways, I was in a state of inner peace the whole time. It was an amazing birth experience and I would recommend that other women experience how peaceful pregnancy can be and how quick birth can be by using the Permissioning and Transformation techniques.”

J.D, North London






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