18 inspirational interviews to uplift you

Great British Minds – do they think alike?

In 2005 I wanted to create a book of interviews with some of Britain’s most inspiring and talented people. I was highly motivated to share information that would help people to get ahead in life, regardless of their background.

I got in touch with some amazing people that had done extraordinary things. Many have come from very humble beginnings and many have successfully dusted themselves off after a so-called “failure”.

I was so privileged to have personally met them and listen to their fascinating stories. Each interview is gripping, honest, and filled with the kind of wisdom and mentorship that can change a person’s life.

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Photo of Ozwald Boateng
Ozwald Boateng (OBE)

Hearing about how celebrity designer Ozwald Boateng (OBE) picked himself back up after losing everything is totally inspiring.

“Self-belief. If you don’t have that… Five or six years ago I lost everything and I had to start again. I remember my family was fantastic, I’m not a religious man but I prayed a lot. There is luck involved but it’s a luck of belief. The luck is actually belief.”

After I had just completed the 16th interview and in the midst of my exciting quest to publish this book of interviews, my Father received a big health diagnosis. I immediately turned my full attention to helping him and that is when I found Quantum-Touch and energy healing.

My life took a completely new turn and I became immersed in learning as much as I could about these techniques that were dramatically helping my Father’s health.

My fascination with natural healthcare led me to become a practitioner and international instructor in energy healing and mindfulness. Since 2005 I have been privileged to teach people from all walks of life, ranging from charities helping homeless people to The British Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change.

I am still hugely grateful to each interviewee for stepping forward to share their wisdom, especially given that I was an unpublished author in my 20’s. This shows their integrity, faith in others and desire to share.

Photo Of Simon Woodroffe founder of YO! Sushi
Simon Woodroffe OBE founder of YO! Sushi

When I met Simon Woodroffe, Founder of YO! Sushi he was so full of energy.

“I’m going to have a conveyor-belt sushi bar with robots serving drinks. If you have a real passion and enthusiasm and the idea is good underneath then you draw people into you, and people start believing it because what happens is you start believing it yourself.

Photo of Sir John Hegarty
Sir John Hegarty

Sir John Hegarty, one of the world’s most awarded creative people in the advertising world, was the first person I interviewed. His creativity and perspectives immediately captivated me.

“Remember money has a voice, but it doesn’t have a soul. And you must remember that. Never follow the money.”

During the Covid-19 lockdown, I felt totally inspired to publish the interviews. I have spent a lot of time transcribing them and here they are… Initially, my intention was that the book was to be aimed at students.

I actually now encourage people of all ages to read the interviews. All of us need this type of uplifting education, now more than ever before.

The wisdom in each interview is timeless and captivating. What is really interesting to note is how much more each person has continued to achieve since we met in 2005, and several people’s names are now prefixed with Sir or end with OBE.

Do great minds think alike? Read on and find out…

Masses of gratitude to each and every person that features in this “book”. My big dream of creating an exciting and unique learning resource has come to fruition.

Timing is everything… and now is the perfect time for people to get inspired again by what a person can achieve, even in challenging times.

Here is the full list of interviews. I truly hope you enjoy reading these interviews as much as I enjoyed hearing them.

  • Alan Yau OBE – a British-Chinese restaurateur who founded the Wagamama chain in the United Kingdom.
  • Antonio Carluccio – OBE OMRI and Priscilla Conran.
  • Sir Charles Dunstone – the co-founder and former chairman of mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse.
  • Chris Phillips – a serial entrepreneur behind ‘Dot 5 Hosting’ and ‘Just Develop It.
  • Duncan Bannatyne OBE – a Scottish entrepreneur, philanthropist and author.
  • Debbie MacBeattie – The founder and Managing Director of ROC Recruitment.
  • Sir John Hegarty – Sir John Hegarty is one of the world’s most awarded and respected admen.
  • George Bryant – Head of Planning for AMV BBDO, Head of Strategy at Mother London and TBWA LA.
  • Ozwald Boateng OBE – a British fashion designer of Ghanaian descent.
  • Paul Arden – Former creative director of Saatchi and Saatchi and author.
  • Peter Souter – Former Executive Creative Director of AMV BBDO.
  • Rachel Elnaugh – Former BBCTV Dragons’ Den ‘Dragon’,
  • Richard Reed – a founder of Innocent smoothies.
  • Rupert Howell – led the modernisation of brands such as The Olympics, Orange, Guinness, Tate Modern and the country of Iceland.
  • Simon Woodroffe – Founder of YO! Sushi.
  • Tracey Stainer – Creative Design Director at Karen Millen and previously Head of Design at FCUK.
  • Trevor Beattie – founder of Beattie McGuinness Bungay.
  • Tim Weller – Entrepreneur and CEO who founded Incisive Media.

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