HI CHI launches the first mindfulness meditation phoneline in the UK

HI CHI are delighted to have launched the first mindfulness phoneline in the UK.

After receiving such positive feedback from people who are using the HI CHI App to calm their minds since this pandemic began, we decided to reach out to isolated people of all ages, who do not have access to smartphones and apps. We believe that mindfulness meditations should be accessible to everyone.

With so many isolated people of all ages stuck at home alone, even just a few minutes of listening to a calming mindful meditation is highly beneficial for improving mental health and wellness.

Our HI CHI App offers all our meditations with background music and are all recorded at high studio quality.

Whilst creating a HI CHI mindful phoneline we accepted that some of the sound quality is reduced compared to the pristine app and have also uploaded our meditations without music.  This is so that the vocals are as clear as possible for those with hearing difficulties. People of various ages have tested the phone line to ensure it is accessible to all and the feedback has been excellent – we are thrilled.

We have already been approached by some incredible charities who are extremely excited to share this unique service with the people they offer support to.

All the HI CHI mindful meditations have been freely gifted and are hosted on a platform using an 0330 number.

The cost to call a 0330 number is the same as a landline.

This means that by calling from a home landline, it will be charged at the same rate as another local number. If the person is calling from a mobile phone, the call will be charged at the same rate as any other call to a UK landline. Many mobile phone providers include free minutes in their monthly bundles, so calls will be taken from the allocation of minutes.

Therefore for many people, all their calls to listen to the HI CHI mindful meditations will be free. They can call as often as they like and it is available 24 hours a day.

Please share this number with an isolated person of any age that does not have access to our HI CHI App.

Special thank you to Nimvelo for their help.


If you are a charity and would like to include this wellness phoneline in your offering please do get in contact.

Trust for Developing Communities deliver community work with vulnerable people in Brighton & Hove. When lockdown kicked in, our staff were desperate to work harder than ever to meet growing need – but this was so challenging in the environment, with staff isolated and the office closed. People were under real pressure. We made the Hi Chi app available to all staff and Karina spoke to us all by Zoom to show us how it worked and gave us tips on bringing more mindfulness to our working days. People used it in different ways to bring some calm and some perspective and this really helped us get through. Enormous thanks to Karina for this really valuable support.

Athol Halle – CEO The Trust for Developing Communities

HI CHI is dedicated to enhancing people’s lives, one still moment at a time.

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