Will Smith gives some golden pearls of wisdom on the Law of Attraction

From the moment I started watching this video I felt uplifted. Will Smith has such a high vibration that you immediately begin to align to it as soon as he starts talking. He talks about his strong work ethic which is the definition of total commitment to keep on achieving his personal best. Whether you are more talented than him or more gifted, he says he will keep on going and going until he has achieved his goal. He will never get off the treadmill before you!

This strength of desire will naturally bring down divine assistance. When you show the Universe that you are that serious about being and doing your best, you go into partnership with the Universe.

Everybody wants to be around others that uplift them. Will Smith says he doesn’t wait for something to happen to “get ready” for it. He is always ready and he says ready. This is an incredibly energising energy to be around and it is magnetic.

How can you stay ready to achieve your goals? What will you have to do, be or believe? One thing is certain – when you use your gifts and fuel your goal with 100% desire, the Universe will join in your quest.

In Hi Chi we become a Hi Chi Magic Mirror of Faith and Desire. A person has to really want what they are asking for, so much so that they will go into a higher state of energy as they move towards it. Our part is to act on our goals in the physical world. Once we are clear on our goal and do our part and start the engine, the Universe creates a clear path for us to move through and keep it running.




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