What is the Ultimate healing emotion?

A life filled with healing, meditation and positivity definitely opens us up to a much more fulfilling and happier life experience.  Alongside our practices we also know that life can and will have its challenges. This is normal and it is how we grow into greater versions of ourselves.

Ancient spiritual practices say that whatever is happening for us on a soulful level is being reflected within on a physical level. It is also said within a plethora of ancient wisdom that there is one particular emotion that opens the biggest vessel and flow for healing to happen. That emotion is Joy.

Joy switches back on the healing mechanisms required for rest and repair to take place in the body. Feelings of joy evoke all the feel good chemicals in the body that boost our immune system back up so it can do its job effectively. Joy is an emotion that holds so much healing power within it that it is extensively written about in ancient texts. It is also still spoken about today by religious speakers as being the emotional vessel required to reawakening a person’s mind, body and spirit. Joy has been referenced as the tonic to healing anxiety, depression and physical ailments.

What brings you joy?

How many of us remember what actually brings us joy? What do we do regularly in our lives that switches on our feelings of joy? This is something that deserves our immediate attention.

As an adult it is easy to be so busy with daily tasks that prioritising states of joy isn’t at the top of our to do list. What would a “to be” list look like instead of a “to do” list? What would appear on your list of how to bring more joy into your life?

The easiest way to reawaken joy in your life is to connect with your inner chi-ld. In Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery all our meditations begin with connecting with our inner child. Your inner child knows exactly what brings you joy and what used to light you up as a child. Whatever you used to to love and en-joy, used to bring you to a natural state of mindful presence. As an adult it is incredibly healing to reconnect to that energy.

Through meditating from the perspective of our inner child we can reconnect to and awaken the parts of ourselves that clearly know and remember what makes us feel happy and joyful – and how to feel joy again.

For example, the mandala colouring books have become so popular with adults because they have provided a legitimate space for us to connect to our inner child. We get to play with colour and colour within the lines without having to actually draw something and be a talented “artist”. This practice is so mindful and for many people the end result of seeing the mandala brings them joy.

Another example is trampolining. Jumping around on a trampoline naturally makes us laugh and brings us joy. Yet we only tend to find ourselves on one when we are around kids.

Take some time to remember what brings you joy and then invest in your life experiences to make them as joyful as you can. For me personally walking in nature brings me a lot of joy as does meditation. I love letting go and allowing the energy to flow with ease. That is why I created the Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery program. It gave me immense joy to write the meditations from the healing perspective of my inner child, record them and to hear other people’s joyful experiences that effortlessly arise whilst listening to them.

Dr Joe Dispenza says “to change is to think greater than you feel”.

This means that even if you do not feel joy right now, think about what would bring you joy and act on it. New daily practices will bring new thoughts and new information into your brain.

This will change the way you feel about yourself because oxytocin will be released and anxiety will naturally reduce. Love, joy, relaxation and feeling more connection to others will also increase.

All this starts with remembering what brings you joy and meditation is a sacred way to reconnect to this energy. I invite you to sign up for a free Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery meditation and let your joy flow. Please also share this with anyone else in your life who you feel would en-joy this.

What brings you joy? We love hearing your experiences!


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