Why do I see so many medical professionals on my energy healing workshops?

As an Advanced Energy Healing instructor who has taught workshops internationally since 2007 I have taught people from all walks of life. However there is something deeply pleasing to me about welcoming a medical professional into the group. Different instructors and teachers will always attract different types of students. The word healing brings up many connotations and people often conjure up funny images of witches wearing long cloaks, humming to fairies.

I tend to stay quite far away from that stereotype and because I know that what I practice has a positive effect, I teach in a way that is as grounded as possible, because I want it to be used by every type of person.

It is perhaps because of my down to earth approach that I have attracted a lot of people with a science background into my workshops and this also includes Doctors, nurses and every other type of healthcare professional. There are 3 types of health professional that arrive in my event rooms.

  1. Those that are too nervous to tell their colleagues that they are interested in energy medicine because they think it will compromise their scientific credibility.
  2. Those that have a foot in traditional medicine and also a foot in energy medicine.
  3. Those that are coming to the end of their career in medicine and no longer need to fit in with the medical profession so are “coming out” about their excitement about energy healing.

I absolutely love it when I speak to a Doctor who is equally passionate about Western medicine as they are about the world of energy healing. What I would like to see is more Doctors that feel safe to tell their colleagues with pride about their interest in other ways of helping people to get well.

A true scientist is willing to try and test new possibilities. The aim of exploring new ways to help people is not to cause the discomfort of cognitive dissonance where a person develops two conflicting views.

Festinger’s (1957) cognitive dissonance theory suggests that we have an inner desire to have all our attitudes and beliefs in harmony and avoid any disharmony. This is called the principle of cognitive consistency. An example of this is a person who smokes knowing that smoking can cause cancer.

The joy of being a scientist should by definition be in letting the cards fall where they will without being attached to the result.

The CDC says that 70 – 90% of all Doctor related visits are for stress related issues. 5 out of 6 of the leading causes of death have stress as a factor.

The most common perspective I hear from medical professionals is plain common sense. One Doctor who wishes to remain anonymous said” Science has proven that stress has a large impact on a person’s immune system. Therefore we must educate ourselves in natural techniques with no unpleasant side effects to dramatically reduce stress and kickstart the immune system back into action.”

When it is put in such simplistic terms it is obvious to see why a healthcare professional wants to learn energy healing. Our immune system was designed to heal the body. When we flood it with feel good endorphins, nutrients and a state of calm the immune system gets to work.

I prefer to look at energy healing as a way of taking the body into an internal spa retreat that has a mega boosting effect on the immune system.

Science has proven the benefits of doing both on a psychological and a physical level.

A study published in the journal Translational Psychiatry, stated that meditation can shift gene expression and even boost mood over time.

“Based on our results, the benefit we experience from meditation isn’t strictly psychological; there is a clear and quantifiable change in how our bodies function,” said Rudolph Tanzi, who holds positions both at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, in a statement. “Meditation is one of the ways to engage in restorative activities that may provide relief for our immune systems, easing the day-to-day stress of a body constantly trying to protect itself. The prediction is that this would then lead to healthier aging.”

Energy healing fits perfectly well with Western Medicine.

Teaching people to have the techniques to prevent stress related disease in the first place means that disease statistics will change over time. It means that Doctors will also have less stress as they have less stress related visits and can spend more time with patients.

The two styles of helping people can and should go hand in hand. When we support our immune system with what it needs it gets to work and does the healing for us.

Western Medicine is the first port of call in any acute situation, accident or emergency. Energy healing would boost the effect of any medication given and speed up healing, at the simplest level by relaxing the patient so much.

I want to invite more Doctors to explore natural ways of preventing disease, boosting immunity and empowering patients.

I recently had one Heart Surgeon from Dorset attend a workshop who told me “I can do this now openly because I am coming to the end of my medical career so I don’t care anymore if people think I am being alternative.”

The best thing you can do for your patients is to take care of yourself first. There are 2 types of Doctors that I meet.

  1. Those that look healthy and full of vitality. They eat nutritious food, exercise and actively practice a form of mindfulness, energy medicine or relaxation techniques.
  2. Those that are suffering from burnout, stress and even substance abuse. They are disillusioned by the healthcare system and want to learn how to restore a healthy mind and strong immune system.

Do not underestimate the power of your immune system and how much you can do to boost it up to its highest level of functioning by relaxing your mind.

Your original intention as any healthcare professional was to help others. In my book this means using whatever can help a person.

An amazing example of this was shown to me by one of the leading Oncologists in the UK. When I told him what I do we both decided it would be fantastic to conduct a laboratory experiment of what happens to cancer cells when energy healing is intended towards them. I was excited that he was so open to it. He spoke like a true scientist and said “whatever the results are we will publish them in respected journals and if it shows a positive effect then I will invite you to teach my patients how to help themselves to boost their immunity naturally in my Oncology clinic. The only inhibiting factor was the £300k needed to conduct a series of experiments in the lab which I did not have.

The main point is that he was open and totally impartial. He was not threatened by another way of thinking and was only thinking about how this could potentially benefit his patients.

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, says that “maintaining good mental health for GPs and our team members is imperative for us to deliver the safe care our patients need and deserve.

The miracle of prevention

There is something very obvious staring us all in the face and it is called prevention.

**The science is there and mindfulness meditation has so many studies that back up the positive effect on the mind and body. Even more positive Energy healing studies will hopefully emerge over the next decade that showcase what our immune systems are capable of, when boosted with this type of therapy.

Why wait for the studies when plenty of people are using it successfully already. Try it out and see for yourself.

Let’s make natural prevention as important as the cure and let’s create a society where Doctors are free to feel open about what they are learning at the weekend.

Health Minister Jeremy Hunt has said GP surgeries should be open seven days a week, from 8am to 8pm. I think Jeremy Hunt should open health centres at the weekend teaching people how to avoid needing stress related Doctors visits in the first place.

I love what I do and I love the immediate and life changing impact this knowledge has on people’s lives. I thank all the medical professionals who are pioneering the principles of prevention, self care, boosting immunity and beginning to lead by example by learning the most effective ways to do so.

You inspire me and I love sharing these life changing skills with you.

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