Steve Harvey – Common sense aint that common

The American TV star Steve Harvey has some magical tips to share about the Law of Attraction.

“Like attracts like. You are a magnet. Whatever you are, that is what you draw to you. If you are negative you are going to draw negativity, if you are positive you draw positive. If you are a kind person, more people are kind to you.”

In Hi Chi we call this being a Hi Chi Magic Mirror. Whatever the energy is that we are holding will create a Universal reflection that is mirrored back to us.

“If you see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand.”

Whatever we visualise with enough energy will become real. Olympic athletes are well known to spend large amounts of time visualising themselves winning a race. The more your mind begins to feel your visualisation as being real, the more quickly it will become reality.

In Hi Chi we spend time on really bringing our visualisations to life and filling them with Life Force Energy. The law of attraction is constantly bringing what we perceive in our mind’s eye into our physical world.

“You don’t have to figure it out. You have to ask, believe and receive.”


The Universe creates all the routes and pathways to bring you what you your highest wishes. Our job is to simply ask, believe and receive. We do not need to know how our prayers will be answered. We just need to ask and have faith that our prayers have been heard and answered.

“Science says show me and I’ll believe. Faith says believe and I’ll show you.”

There is a difference! Spiritual texts tell us that first we must have faith and only then will wisdom be given to us. Faith is always the first step to moving towards our goals.

“The only way to move to the next level is to show gratitude for where you are. If you show gratitude it gets you to where you want to be quicker.”

This is another principle in total alignment with Hi Chi and every spiritual teaching that exists. Gratitude for what we have in our lives now creates miracles. It is a gateway to divine intervention and is totally linked to having Faith. Gratitude and Faith go hand in hand.

“Laughter attracts joy and it releases negativity and it leads to some miraculous cures. Joy and depression cannot reside in the same space. Laugh every chance you get. Even if it aint funny just laugh. Just BURST out laughing!”

Every teaching in Hi Chi is based on this principle! Hi Chi is about connecting to your inner child and having so much fun in your healing sessions that your energy naturally goes sky high.

Laughter and joy are full of every medicinal quality under the sun. Remember what makes you feel joyful and bring as much as of that into your life as you can. Laughter releases endorphins through the body and this fires up our immune system.

What can you find that is funny to laugh at right now?

What are you grateful for?

Become a Hi Chi Magic Mirror of what you want to attract in your life today!



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