NEW: Permissioning and Transformation monthly online live webinars

Get ready to shift your perspective into a new reality for 2020

Hi Chi has launched a series of Permissioning and Transformationing live and online workshops!

One wonderful lady who is an NHS nurse has had such life changing experiences from this course that she  had it approved as CPD points for nurses and midwives!

The personal transformations for people using these techniques are profound.

Permissioning and Transformation are about opening up our perspectives, which means it can be applied to all topics and life situations.

Each month we will spend 90 minutes using these powerful techniques to release emotional stress and gain new perspectives.

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The 12 monthly topics are:

  1. Stress, Depression and Anxiety
  2. Success and using your gifts
  3. Moving forward from PTSD
  4. Harmony in relationships
  5. Manifesting
  6. Self Confidence
  7. Self Love
  8. Healthy Body
  9. Bringing in positive daily habits
  10. Addiction
  11. Fear Busting
  12. Eat Healthily

Single session cost: £20

Annual Hi Chi Energy Gym Membership: £160 – saving of £80.

Membership Bonus:  This works miraculously well when your practice is regular and continuous. This means you can attend all 12 live webinars.

You will be able to login and follow along with the recordings all month until the next session.

It is yours for life!

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What can I expect to gain from these webinars?

Permissioning and Transformation work’s best when people spend 15 minutes a day using the techniques. If you do so then you can expect your life to change enormously, in every way.

Here are a few testimonials of what others are saying:

“After suffering with some neurological problems post surgery 8 months ago, my brain has had real difficulties in winding down at times, and Permissioning and Transformation has really helped me to find a greater sense of calm and peace, particularly at bedtime. I went from 3 hours of broken sleep max a night to getting 13 hours of deep sleep when using Permissions! I also find it lessens my general day to day anxieties. I have recently started to use Permissions to lessen leg/hand tremors that I suffer with on and off and have definitely seen a positive change there too. Karina is a phenomenal teacher and wealth of knowledge and I would highly recommend this incredible technique to anyone looking to grow and bring about change for unhelpful patterns or ways of “being.”

C.G, London

“My baby has been in hospital with RSV since Wednesday. Thanks to Permissioning and Transformation, I am so focused, calm and feeling in surrender to God’s loving control. I was by myself in hospital over the weekend and usually, I would feel depressed, but I felt so empowered and I loved my experience of feeling this.”

As you know I was in a very ‘dark place’ at the time.  I had been suffering with chronic fatigue, depression and chronic pain.  I had become a bit of a recluse in the home and didn’t want to engage with people other than my family.  Something told me innately that I had to attend.  So on the morning of it I literally forced myself out of bed to attend – how glad I am!

On returning home after the workshop I was given a significant tax refund which was just what I needed as I had been unable to work for a few months. It was a gift from the Universe – I felt so blessed to have something happen soooo immediately and so unexpectedly.  A couple of weeks later I received another cheque in the post from my teaching agency as a bonus for recommending it to a colleague!

In addition I fairly quickly started to get my energy back and am waking up much more positively.  I have started juicing again and go out for walks again.  I have started to make serious plans about my future and actually take action where I had not had any motivation for months.  I am beginning to feel more like me.

I am also becoming intuitive about issues that I have had and have had some ‘aha’ moments.

I am on a big healing journey with Permissioning and Transformation, and it helps me more everyday. The shifts in my self-awareness and healing are continuing.

I am truly grateful to have attended this workshop and look forward to attending the next one soon.


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