Oprah Winfrey and a famous quote

Oprah – The instant power of Surrender

Oprah is one of those awe inspiring people who lives and breathes true authenticity.

I am always particularly awe inspired by her insight into the power of total surrender.  One of the most powerful sentences that I have heard her say is,  “I said to G-d I want this so much… help me let this go.”

To have the awareness to realise that when we want something with such an intense level of energy, that the only way we can truly move into a place of receivership is to let it go.

This is SO powerful. After Oprah had fully surrendered whilst running around the track and praying with all her heart to G-d to help her fully surrender her obsession with being in The Colour Purple to him, was immediately followed by a call from Spielberg inviting her for an audition the next day.

“The moment Steven Spielberg called me changed my life forever”, she said.

When we truly step aside and say to the Universe “I know you know better than me, what is best for me. Please help me to be just as happy if I don’t get this as if I do”, is the moment that miracles happen instantly.

The Universal response is instant. 

In Hi Chi we focus on aligning to the natural laws and qualities of the Universe. Surrender is one of the most vital attributes we can bring into our mind, body and spirit. All Self Healing must incorporate the ability to surrender, just like Oprah’s example in The Colour Purple. Being present with “what is” is a form of surrender. We are present in the Now and we join with life’s current flow. That is why a Mindfulness practice is such a key to allowing our energy to flow with ease. In the present moment we let go and energy flows.  In our Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery program we cultivate our Mindfulness practice and infuse it with the vital ingredient of Gratitude. This is a powerful and beautiful spiritual practice. 

Oprah says that we are responsible for our own lives. This is so empowering. The aspect of our life that we are most responsible for is how connected we are to Source energy in each moment. The more we focus on our spiritual connection and our ability to surrender and trust this higher force of energy, the more we will witness all our lives move into perfect divine order.

Can you recall a moment when you surrendered fully and a miracle promptly followed? Which defining moment has changed your life forever? It is so important to stay present with these moments and use them as a springboard to create more of them.

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