The Observer Effect a very well documented physics experiment

Why am I able to jump higher when I jump in a fun group? Can I jump higher when being watched by a loving face? The Observer Effect is a very well documented physics experiment in which Heisenberg demonstrated that the act of watching, affects the behaviour of what is being watched.

This experiment has become so famous that it has been referenced in articles about difficult work relationships on mainstream websites such as Forbes, as the writer shows how our perception of a colleague, influences their behaviour towards us.

Why is understanding The Observer Effect so vital in living a life of Hi Chi?

Having Hi Chi in our life, means that we observe the world through an internal lens that is choosing to see things very positively.

Wayne Dyer often said “when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”.

This profound metaphysical quote has been proven scientifically in Heisenberg’s double slit experiment.

This means that we literally have the ability to influence what happens in our life by the level of our positive expectations. We are constantly shapeshifting the events in our life depending on what our worldview is.

So how can understanding this healing principle increase our level of Hi Chi in our lives? Firstly, as a Hi Chi Health Coach or as an energy worker you will have already had direct experiences of how energy healing can reduce or eliminate pain in the body.

In the first instance of you experiencing this you will have likely been with another energy worker who was holding this expectation for you. This in turn will have influenced your experience. Your Hi Chi Health Coach or practitioner will have been observing you, whilst applying the laws of The Observer Effect. The energy in your body will have danced to the musical tune of their expectation.

Once this has happened you will also begin to “expect results” and the more you expect this the more you will witness healing results. The observer effects the observed.

So what happens when an entire group of people expect the same result? A lot of energy moves very quickly!

Zdenco Domancic, the famous Bio Energy Healer in Croatia has a healing clinic that all happens in one big room. People receive their healing sessions at the same time whilst those waiting, do so whilst watching others receiving treatments.

He says that by doing this the energy is increased massively and people’s healing results will be faster and better. This is in line with The Observer Effect. All the people in the room are observing healing happen and when it comes to their turn, they expect the same. The very act of a room full of positive observers increases the energy.

I have often found that when I demonstrate energy healing and teach workshops, both in person and online, the energy of the group moves a lot of energy and fantastic results happen quickly.

This is why I am delighted to offer online Hi Chi group healing sessions and to bring people together to heal as a Collective. We are consciously using our knowledge of The Observer Effect to help each other achieve a much higher state of Hi Chi in our mind, body & spirit.

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