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Do negative emotions have a stronger effect on our health than eating a bad diet?

YES! That is the short answer. However like everything in Hi Chi we are always focused on bringing in the highest state of energetic health through every avenue.

We are always hearing about the alkaline diet and bringing in more nutrient dense and water based foods into our bodies. Whatever our body consumes our mind does too. We also tend to eat with our mind. The thought of eating a lemon will produce a sour taste in your mouth and the thought of eating something you love will produce very big eyes when we load up our plates.

Our mind plays a big role in what we choose to eat (weight loss is easiest when our psychology is aligned to it). We know that our bodies thrive on healthy nutrients.

It is really important to also understand that there is an even more powerful way to bring a state of alkalinity into our body – our thoughts. A toxic thought is highly acidic and having consistently negative thoughts will create an acidic environment in the body.

The healing power of alkaline thoughts

If you want to heal quickly and create optimum health in the body then focusing on creating alkaline thoughts will speed up your healing process, 10000 fold.

Alkaline thoughts are thoughts filled with faith, love, gratitude and the strong desire to be well on every level. This means finding the meaning within your healing experience and elevating it to a place where it begins to serve you. When you give yourself a very big and spiritually based “why”, your consciousness expands and begins to also create the “how”.

Alkaline thoughts will change your pH and flood the body with the frequency needed for healing even quicker than an alkaline diet. Our thoughts become our biology. In the same way that it is optimum for our health to create pathways for acidity to leave our body such as through sweating, our thoughts also need a healthy outlet.

Our thoughts are energy in motion and we want to ensure that just like our cells need movement through exercise, our thoughts also need to move into a higher space. In Hi Chi I call it moving the needle off the record so we can change it and play something that sounds way better!

Swapping stressful thoughts for loving and allowing thoughts will immediately reduce the acid in your body and replace it with alkalinity. This is what is required for the body to heal.

Of course eating an alkaline diet will also have an effect on your thoughts too so they go hand in hand. There are so many scientific studies that document the link between nutrition and mental health. However eating a healthy diet must be accompanied by a healthy mind.

When this happens all the messages that are being sent to your mind, body and spirit come into alignment. Your body receives the fuel needed to heal through your food and your innate healing intelligence receives the signals to heal from your mind and spirit.

When you get all 3 aspects of Self firing off the same messages at the same time you have just entered into a rapid healing state and a powerful state of Hi Chi.

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