National Stress Awareness Week

This week is National Stress Awareness Week and is a brilliant time to bring our own internal awareness to how much focus we have on stress vs relaxation.

I would prefer it if the name of this week was simply “National Awareness Week”.

By simply bringing our attention to a state of awareness we allow ourselves to become the observer of our thoughts. This automatically brings us out of our head and into our bodies. The more we simply observe our thoughts from a state of awareness, the more our stresses melt away.

It is well documented that stress is the biggest contributing factor towards dis-ease and therefore we know that having a practice to reduce and alleviate stress, is paramount. People that have a regular meditative practice will be able to confidently say that they have less stress and much more joy. Meditation creates space for fixed viewpoints to shift and for new perspectives to arise.

Reducing stress in our lives is a vital aspect of creating great health and vitality. Many companies now recognise the importance of a quiet space for people to simply sit and breathe.

I have given many sessions during Wellness Weeks teaching meditation and stress release techniques and the response is always so positive. The Hi Chi main message is that rather than wait for our workspace (or anyone) to offer us ‘time out”, it is essential that we create a regular space for ourselves to do simply “let go”. 

Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery has literally been created for that purpose.  I love simply sitting back and just listening. As we feel the healing energy within each meditation, our entire being gets a chance to relax and recuperate. The benefits of this span into every area of our lives. Giving yourself the gift of time and space to relax your mind will prove its worth very quickly. You can be assured that stresses will be perceived very differently and that your mindset will become strong and positive.

This has a knock on effect on your immune system and general state of physical health. I invite you to sign up for the Hi Chi newsletter and listen to a blissful free 38 minute meditation. Notice how you feel before, during and afterwards. This is a perfect week to bring in a way of teaching your mind to let go and be present.

Meditation is medication – please share your experiences of how meditation has helped to shift your life into greater ease and joy!  

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