The art of minimalism

Minimalism can have a direct healing effect on the physical body & Mind

It is well known that the practice of de-cluttering our living space is therapeutic in many ways. A room with a chosen number of meaningful items has a lot more presence than a room filled with clutter. It also allows for clarity of thought. When we walk into a room that has been purposefully kept minimalist, we automatically feel a sense of space within us.

The spiritual expression “as above, so below” is used frequently by metaphysical teachers. This implies that whatever spiritual level we are holding at the time, we will be mirrored in the way we perceive our lives.

Our Living Space is another mirror for us. We can create an open, clear and bright living space in order that we internally mirror this energy, whenever we enter the room. There is scientific evidence that shows that a minimalistic approach to life, has a positive effect on our mental health.

Can Minimalism also effect our physical health?

I was particularly blown away by Courtney Carver who shares her amazing healing story. By changing her whole life to one of total simplicity on every level, her MS symptoms disappeared. Courtney speaks passionately about the benefits of minimalism. This is a fantastic example of the link between a happy mind and a happy body.

The Act of Giving Releases Endorphins

There are many aspects to relinquishing our “stuff” that are healing. Firstly, by having a clearer space to reside within, we feel lighter and more free. Many of us choose to donate our excess stuff which gives us a great feeling of paying it forward and moving energy in a new direction. Owning less clothes also means less laundry and less cutlery means less washing up.

Having less attachment to physical items means that we are more likely to put this into practice on a mental level too, with less attachment to our thoughts.

A more relaxed thought process happens when we are focused on the present moment and with less clutter in our mind. By implementing this in our home space, we welcome this energy into our mind too. It is an interconnected process where we allow our external space to influence our internal space and vice versa.

For more inspiration about minimalism and moving from an excess materialism based life, to one filled with soulful life experiences, check out this awesome video. After watching it I cleared out all my excessive clothes and enjoyed every liberating moment of it!

How has Minimalism changed your perspective?

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