JAY Z Video screen shot about Law of Attraction

Jay Z shares how “YOU create your own luck”

When a person experiences the level of success that Jay Z has in his life, you can bet that he is going to have some pearls to share.

Jay Z’s message goes beyond his obvious raw talent for creating music. When he speaks about his success he has some GOLDEN and powerful words to hear.

“A wise man once told me that luck isn’t some mystical energy that dances around the Universe randomly bestowing people with satisfaction and joy. You create your own luck.”

There is a magical combination of hard work and also having so much Faith in fulfilling your purpose that you absolutely know you are being Universally supported.

When we acknowledge we have a gift, we must also acknowledge that we were given this gift too. To use it is to elevate the Source of energy that gave it to us.

When we use our gifts we come to LIFE. We literally turn on the tap for Life Force Energy to flow through and around us.

“The truth about talent is that it is G-d given. When you want to unleash that talent your mind lets go. You have to have that belief when you draw from that well of talent that it’s going to be there.”

Even being turned down from a record deal didn’t stop him. It propelled him.

He saw the record company as a bridge to get his music and his message out there. When he was rejected by the record company he decided to build his own bridge and start his own.

I absolutely LOVE this. Where the path may have looked blocked to some, Jay Z created a new one. Another lesson here is that the rejection from the record company was a gift in disguise. He went on to build something monumental of his own that way surpassed anything else he would have been offered.

“You have to believe in yourself because people put their insecurities on you. No matter what anyone says to you, you have to have this focus.”

This is so true particularly if those around you are not aligned with your dreams.

If your dream feels real to you then it is real. Move forward with confidence and keep your focus on your making YOUR dreams a reality. Others will catch up with you when the time is right.

Oprah says that Jay Z spoke to  a particular audience with a particular message and intention. Who is your particular audience that you would love to communicate your gifts with? What can you do today to express your talents and experience the inner joy that comes when you share your gifts?

Jay Z says his success is about the 2 P’s….Patience and Persistence

Every single experience is filled with a new positive opportunity to grow!

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