Is there a tipping point in healing?

The most commonly asked question all practitioners are asked is “how long will it take to see a healing result?”

The answer to that question is of course infinite and dependant on factors that are beyond anything we are able to quantify or measure.

However, there is a constant fascinating undercurrent of physical and emotional changes that are happening, just under the surface of what meets our own awareness. This is where science and spirituality are now able to meet and be heard, thanks to the platform of world respected scientists such as Dr Joe Dispenza.

We publicly hear of miraculous healing stories that occur in meditative states and this can give the impression that it was instantaneous. Whilst instant healing does happen, for many people there has been a process of weeks or months of daily meditation that has led to their defining healing moment.

The healing has always been happening and beneath the surface there have been trillions of changes happening in the body. Each time that we meditate and bring ourselves into the present moment, we create a gap in our habitual patterns of thoughts and consequently how this is mirrored physically, in the body.

When we set aside a daily time for Meditation we are able to interrupt our patterns enough for a brand new set of chemical responses to be wired and fired. When this becomes our new “norm” and it overtakes the old patterning, then we get to see ourselves enjoying a new level of health.

There is a process that begins at the start of our healing journey and a healing tipping point where this new energy overtakes the old internal behaviours.

Dr Joe Dispenza speaks extensively about how this plays out on a chemical level in the body and it is a cutting edge topic in the personal development scene right now.

The main point to take away with you is that consistent practice is essential in order to create a  harmonious flow of energy between the mind, body and spirit. Setting aside time each day to simply “be present” will have a cumulative effect in all areas of life.

Enjoy the video below and I hope that it encourages you to stick with the meditation and healing processes that you enjoy most, even if it looks like your efforts are yet to appear on a physical level.

In Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery we make sure to provide meditations of varying time lengths to suit all schedules, so that you can always find a good time to listen and let go.

Do you have any examples of when a healing has taken you by surprise when you were least expecting it?


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