I need a miracle…How can I change my luck?

Can you think of a time when something amazing happened that blew you away? It was literally like a miracle dropped out of the sky and surprised you? It could have been anything at all.

I have often received these gifts whilst being in a very high vibration. For example, I had prayed for a Doula (holistic midwife) at my first birth that was well versed in healing and was spiritually on the same path as me. Two days later a girl came up to me at a party and said “I have a contact for you. She is teaching a healing course and I thought you would get on with her.”

I hadn’t told anyone I was pregnant and I didn’t know this girl well at all. She was a divinely sent messenger. I then contacted the healing teacher and found out she was a Doula and was everything I was looking for.

My dream of giving energy healing to Actors in London West End Theatre

Another time I was teaching a healing course and it was attended by an actor. At lunchtime we started speaking and it turned out he has a wonderful part in the most well known West End musical in London. I have had a long standing dream to share energy techniques with actors in the West End, because ever since I was a child a theatre is one of my favourite places to be. He invited me to come and see him in his show send him healing energy whilst on stage. This was definitely a highlight for me and something I have imagined so many times. I didn’t know how it would happen and when it would. I just knew I would love to do it and that it would at some point take place. This lovely gift literally came to me, like so many others in my life.

These magic moments light us up and in that moment when something unexpectedly brilliant happens we believe in a higher power greater than ourselves.

We enjoy the moments after this magical experience and share it with those around us. As the months pass we begin to focus on the other thoughts and ambitions in our world.

Our magical gifts often become a distant memory. For an optimum state of Hi Chi we want to keep that feeling alive so that pathways are created for more miracles to occur.

My latest desire is to be sent a fantastic publisher for my Children’s Story book that teaches these principles. If you are the link in this beautiful chain then please do get in touch 🙂

Keeping this feeling alive is vital

These means keeping these feelings alive for as much of our day as we can. Keeping a log of our daily gifts and the moments where we feel the spark of divine intervention in our lives is like having the ability to create alchemy in every moment. Whenever we are shown even a glimmer of divinity in our lives it is vital that we note it down and record it.

By doing so we create a resource that literally becomes worth its weight in diamonds. Anytime you want to recreate the feeling of being blessed beyond belief, all you need do is re read your personal Hi Chi book of Miracles and you will feel the same feelings you felt in those moments. This is golden! In that moment you align with the exact same vibration of receiving miracles.

The trick is to stay there. We stay there by making this our Hi Chi Laser focus. The more entries we write into our Hi Chi Book of Miracles, the more we will be given to write about. The more we feel the feeling of awe at how guided we are, the more guidance we will be given.

In Hi Chi we focus on clarity and having absolute clarity in your level of Faith, is a direct path to a miraculous life.

Try doing this for one week and see for yourself how your energy levels change and your blessings increase. Before you know it you will have volumes of blessings that you have scribed into your magical Hi Chi Book of Miracles.

This is a very fast way to shift your vibration up and co create much more Hi Chi in your life, and those around you.

When have you experienced a miraculous gift in your life? Please share below and open up the pathway for even more miracles!


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