I need to heal a physical condition. What should I focus on first?

We all hear about healing the Mind, Body and Spirit.

I would like to propose a new viewpoint on this. The order from my perspective should be healing the Spirit, Mind & Body.

The physical body is the last place that an imbalance occurs. It begins with a spiritual root which then takes hold as a mindset or belief and then settles into the body.

A healthy immune system requires all three of these aspects of Self to be in harmony. If we feel disconnected from the spiritual world, in whatever shape or format we believe to be true, then we rely on our own sense of physical strength and the support of others around us. There are great limitations in experiencing life disconnected to Source. From my perspective…

A great mystic once wrote “if you believe in nature you will be bound by it. If you believe in G-d you will live a life above and beyond nature.”

Whatever we believe to be true will become our life experience. If you believe that you stand with only the human energy you can muster that day, then the possibilities of creating a life filled with Hi Chi become very limited. It is like saying that you are running on batteries rather than being plugged into an energy source that is infinite. The phone that is plugged in has a constant direct line to any number that you wish to dial. The phone that runs on batteries has a limitation. Without the plug being connected into a socket and an energy source it will run out of energy quickly.

When you are plugged in spiritually, you have infinite resources of energy. Your battery is always charged and whenever you feel like you need more of it you can focus on your direct line to Source and dial up.

The spiritual level is the foundation for ALL healing. It is the most powerful way to enter into a healing state. For me…

But what if you have a big healing goal ahead of you and you do not feel spiritually inspired?

What is the mind’s role in healing?

A powerful belief of any kind will have a physical effect on the body. We are the sum of our beliefs and a strong mind will steer a healing into a realm that is “beyond what is physically possible.” This has been proven time and again by people who defied medical diagnoses by using the power of their mind to do so.

The body obeys the mind. Dr Bruce Lipton says that there is zero lag time between the mind and the body. The body is an immediate mirror of the mind. As the mind changes the body reflects these changes instantly. So when you come from that viewpoint, the question becomes how quickly can I focus my mind rather than how quickly can I heal my body?

We can absolutely change and effect the biochemistry of our body by changing our beliefs. A strongly held belief is worth its weight in gold – when it serves you!

So what about the physical element?

What about changing our cells through physical means such as nutrition and exercise?

Having the right nutrients in our body that come through nature is essential to good health and any healing journey. The body needs to receive the right fuel to get the engine started. Putting diesel in a petrol car will result in a damaged engine. We pay attention to what we are filling our car up with because we need our car to work. Putting highly nutrient foods into our body is a must for us all because we need our cells to function fully.

Moving our cells is also vital and exercise is recommended by every healthcare professional, regardless of their approach.

We need all 3 of these aspects in our healing journey. So in what order should they happen?

For me personally the order is Spirit, Mind and Body.

However for each of us it is different depending on who we are and our belief systems. For someone who doesn’t believe in any higher energy source or their mind affecting their body, they will likely approach healing in a very physical way.

They will then likely progress to the mind level of healing and perhaps if they are lucky they will realise that their healing had a spiritual aspect to it.

Where is your dominant energy?

The important thing to do is reflect on who you are first. Where is your dominant energy? Is it in the layer of the mind? Once you make your mind up are you someone who can focus something into action? If that is you then you will find it easier to begin your entry point at the mind level.

If you are someone who is deeply connected to your spirituality first and foremost above all else, then begin there. For example, sending a very mind based person into a demanding physical regime of healing, will deplete them very quickly if their mind hasn’t come on board yet fully with the idea. That person is far better off starting their healing process by healing their beliefs and powering up their mindset.

On the flip side If you believe strongly in the physical body doing the healing above all else, then begin there.

We do require all 3 elements of ourselves to harmonise to heal. However we also each have a very specific way of beginning our healing journey. Always begin with the aspect of self that feels most real and alive to you first. Then you will be able to bring the other two layers in with far greater ease. Once a mind based person has set the stage mentally. the space will have been created for physical change to occur.

This is why different healing systems and approaching work for different people. There are so many entry points because we are all different. It becomes very easy to decide your healing path once you fully recognise which part of these three areas holds the most Chi for you. Start there.

You will in time bring them all in to play. Creating your own unique entry point based on your personality will mean that your healing journey is in harmony with your nature. This creates a space of very Hi Chi and sets you up for success for the other two areas.

Which is your dominant way to relate to the Universe and your sense of self? What is your personal and unique blend of Mind Body & Spirit healing with a big boost of Hi Chi?

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