What puts me into a state of Hi Chi? Making your happiness a priority

There are certain people in our lives that are always able to bring out the best in us. These are the people that make us laugh easily. We will always find ourselves having fun with them and even just thinking about them makes us smile. People like that will naturally help to put us into a state of Hi Chi. Anything that makes us feel good emotionally will have a healthy effect on our physical health too.

The importance of choosing a Hi Chi environment

There are also particular places that we feel good in. Whenever I walk on Hampstead Heath in North London, I immediately begin to feel the energy of the beautiful trees that surround me. To me, walking on the Heath feels like I have entered into an energy spa and it is an all round treatment for the mind, body and spirit.

Walking into a bookshop always fills me with a powerful feeling of being surrounded by an abundance of knowledge. I can spend hours flicking through books, marvelling at the creativity that exists in the world.

The magic of laugher & music

There is a particular comical stand up sketch that makes me laugh every time I watch it. I find myself laughing out loud and forwarding it onto friends, who I know will have also seen it before. Laughter is timeless.

As is music. Turning up the radio to full blast in the car as my favourite song comes on brings an instant smile to my face. In that moment I am likely transported to a fantastic memory and I remember what it feels like to be in – joy.

There are very specific things that will always put us into a state of Hi Chi. We are pretty predictable. We all know what we love to do and what our favourite stimulus is.

Hi Chi Mind, Body & Spirit Playtime

Write a list of as many activities that you love to do, people that you love to see/speak to, hobbies, places that you like to visit and anything that puts you into a state of Hi Chi.

With a little bit of effort we can easily bring much more Hi Chi into our day, by making this a priority. It sounds very simple – it is!

Often it is simply a case of remembering what it is that we love to do. Hi Chi is about bringing out our inner child back out to play.

What makes you feel happy? Write it down. Remember it. Then pick one thing from your list each day and see how life changing a habit this becomes. A great practice is to spend 15 minutes on a Sunday evening planning a Hi Chi week for yourself. Who will you call? Where will you go? What will you eat? Living a life of Hi Chi becomes much easier when we create the time and space to bring this energy into our lives and action it.

You can expect a clearer mind, happier outlook and higher state of health on a mind, body & spirit level. Living a life of Hi Chi will become your natural state of being, the more you make it your highest priority.

Write your list now and see how much you smile as you do so!

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