Do children naturally know how to meditate?

Today is Universal Children’s Day and I would like to extend this to Universal Inner Child Day!

In Hi Chi we are continuously learning to access our inner child and bring this part of ourselves out to play. Just your intention is enough to activate this playful energy within ourselves. This is especially poignant during meditation.

Children are as close to Source energy as it gets. They are constantly in a mindful and creative flow. When they do something they are wholly present, effortlessly. I loved witnessing my son and his 2 gorgeous little friends fully immerse themselves in the experience of a boat ride when we were on holiday. They took themselves off to a spot and simply lay there, experiencing the sounds of the waves and the light of the sun. They stayed there for a long time and I watched in delight as they mindfully gave themselves the exact time they needed to be still.

Children are our greatest teachers, particularly our inner child. Our inner child already knows how to meditate in the same way that a child does.

That is why the Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery meditations are so playful and focused on activating your visual experience. The more we play – the more we get out of the way.

So today I invite you to be playful as you meditate.

You will have an entirely new perspective and experience as you do so!

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