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Thought, Speech and Action

According to ancient mysticism, we have 3 layers that create reality. We begin with our thoughts which largely dictate our speech and what we say. The power of the spoken word is immense. When we say a prayer or intention aloud we create a vessel to receive that which we have asked for. That is why many traditions require prayers to be said aloud, even if whispered. The energy begins to take form when we do this. Finally, we are required to take an action step to co-create our desire.


When our mind is racing with thoughts our intuition feels distant. That is why when we meditate we will often hear or see insights much more easily. When our mind is quiet and our thoughts slow down we become a clear channel to connect to our intuition.


Our words have so much power that many ancient traditions place very strict guidelines on what may be spoken aloud. In Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery we learn about Abracadabra which literally means “I create as I speak”. Being mindful of our language strengthens our ability to receive. Consider that each word is an active vessel. Either we create open vessels and keep them open or we turn the tap off with negative speech.


The higher our energy becomes more gifts we are sent to help us achieve our goals. Taking the first initial action steps towards our goal shows Source that we are serious. Action steps are the magical keys to each door and once we put the key in, this energy will be matched spiritually and doors will open.

The steps to creating a new reality for 2020:

  1. Listen to a Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery Meditation and relax into this moment
  2. You can listen to a 7 minute free Hi Chi Love Breath meditation here 
  3. Say a prayer and ask for clarity on what your highest goal is.
  4. “What is the highest goal I can achieve in 2020 that would be of most benefit to myself and others?”
  5. State your intention out loud and ask for spiritual help to achieve this.
  6. Write it on the comments of this blog post if you would like added collective energy towards your goal.
  7. Write down the action steps needed and begin to take them consistently. For added energy write the first action step you will in the comments below of this post.
  8. Watch your dream become a reality!

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