6 Mindful and inspiring seasonal gift ideas filled with Hi Chi (energy)

Tis is the season to be gifting and the best gifts are the ones that bring a positive energy to the person receiving.

From cheaper secret santa gifts to more expensive presents for our loved ones.

Here are some inspiring Hi Chi gift ideas that will be sure to make the receiver feel uplifted for the year ahead!


1. The Hi Chi Self Healing Mastery meditation program!

This is a gift with longevity and can be listened to everyday to give someone that blissed out post meditation feeling. It will also help to boost their immune system, calm their mind and be more present. With 4 hours of inspirational healing classes and 10 different meditations to suit any schedule, this is a perfect present to boost your loved ones wellbeing.

2. A gift voucher for a Chakra balancing healing session

Give a loved one some delicious time to receive distance or hands on healing and have their chakras balanced. If someone you love is too busy to book an energy healing session for themselves then this is the time to do it for them. A chakra balancing helps a person to feel grounded, creative, confident, loving, expressive, intuitive, spiritually connected and energised!

3. A ticket to learn new skills at a healing workshop

Learning to give healing is the ultimate act of self empowerment. It is so exciting to be able to share these skills and give healing to others, as well as give ourselves regular healing too!

4. A crystal water bottle

This attractive gem stone water bottle will be loved by anyone who likes crystals and also those that need a reminder to drink more water!

5. Lemon Balm tea

This loose leaf herbal tea is brilliant for those who need some extra help winding down at the end of the tea. With many health benefits this is an extra way to boost the immune system and feel much more relaxed after drinking it. This makes a lovely Secret Santa pressie!

6. Aromatherapy diffuser

The scents of essential oils are sure to bring an added sense of calm to any room. A lovely diffuser with some high quality essential oils is a perfect addition to anyone’s home.


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