5 ways to get your immune system into healing mode as you sleep

Feeling refreshed after a proper night’s sleep can help you to feel energised, improve your memory and strengthen your immune system. Sleep experts say that lost sleep harms the immune system and research shows that healing happens during sleep.

Studies also indicate that people who lack quality sleep have a higher chance of becoming ill after being exposed to viruses. Lack of sleep also influences a person’s recovery rate.

Some fascinating biological changes happen whilst we sleep. Our immune system releases cytokines which are required to increase to fight off an infection or to combat stress. If sleep is decreased then these important cytokines are also decreased, along with antibodies and cells which are needed to fight off infectious diseases.

Research also shows that there is a strong link between prolonged lack of sleep and diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Ideally, adults require 7 – 8 hours of quality sleep every night to provide enough rest for the immune system to thrive. Teens need 9 – 10 hours and school children need 10 + hours of good sleep.

If an adult were to sleep this much at night then it could have an adverse effect.

Here are 5 ways to increase the quality of your sleep and improve your immune system:

1. Daytime naps are very beneficial.

Greg McKeown who created the Essentialism movement speaks about how science has proven that daytime naps increase productivity and brain function. A 20 – 30 minute nap can give a significant boost in alertness without interfering with your night time sleep.

2. Meditation and sleep will both repair and heal the body in similar ways.

During sleep and meditation cortisol is reduced and DHEA is increased. Your Alpha, Theta and Delta waves which are required to reduce stress are also increased and stimulated.

This means that listening to a 20 minute meditation during the day will give you the benefits of sleep whilst giving you the added bonus of resetting your mind.

That is why the Self Healing Mastery program is so useful as a daily practice and people often report a healthier mind and body after listening for longer periods of time.

3. Create a Hi Chi Zen Den

Putting in love and effort to your meditation and sleep space will have a wonderful pay off. Creating a space that is restful will automatically signal your mind to slow down and to induce sleep states with more ease.

This can be done with Himalayan Salt lamps, essential oils, soft coloured furnishings and low lighting. Keep the space minimal and clear away clutter. You want to walk into your sleep space and smile as you enter into your Hi Chi Zen Den.

We even created a meditation called The Hi Chi Zen Den because we believe it is so important.

4. Regulate your sleep and meditation times

Sleeping and meditating at a similar time each day will really help to create a healthy sleep pattern that trains your brain to go into sleep mode each day.

5. Learn Permissioning and Transformation

The Permissioning and Transformation techniques slow the mind down into such a deep state of healing that can easily induce a night of deep healing sleep. In fact, this happens so often that we recommend people use the techniques whilst in bed to get the double benefit of deep sleep and a clear mind.


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