Corporate Testimonials


Karina has done a range of work with Groundswell to help us make the organisation a ‘healthier place to work’ this has all very well received and has made big impact on the organisation.

Karina took time to get to know Groundswell before delivering her work and tailored her approach specifically to us. She first ran a session with the whole staff team to help us look at the our ideas of being healthy and how looking after our own health enables us to better support others. This led some clear actions and changes in the work place around issues such as nutrition and eating, drinking water, time management and stress management.

Next Karina delivered a three session set of training on Mindfulness at Work. Again bespoke training was developed. This gave individuals involved specific tools to deal with stress at work (and outside of work) and has contributed to changing the organisational culture to a healthier way of working.

Additionally Karina provided one-to-one support to one member of staff, which had a very positive impact in dealing with stress.

I would strongly recommend Karina – she had a really beneficial influence on Groundswell to help us not only deliver work that improves the health of our clients, but also ensures that our staff and volunteers improve their health.

Athol Hallé Chief Executive Groundswell
Mindfulness at Société Générale

As Head of Internal Communications for an investment bank part of my role is to bring new initiatives and services to staff. I started an initiative called health week based on the concept of healthy body, healthy mind to raise awareness about general health and well being.

Following a recommendation, I invited Karina to Societe Generale to support our staff during Health Week. She led a few classes with employees teaching them about meditation.

This included some easy to learn techniques which they could use at work to achieve more balance during stressful moments.

These classes were very well received and the feedback from staff was excellent.

Following the success of these lunchtime classes, Karina was invited back to give one to one sessions to employees. Given that the word “healing” is rarely used in a bank setting I was pleasantly surprised at the level of repeated uptake and bookings for these sessions.

Karina treated people with all manner of aches, pains and stress. This ranged from relaxing stiff shoulders, alleviating people’s injuries from marathon training and various other issues that employees wanted help with.

It was a very positive experience for us all. Karina is highly professional and clearly talented at what she does and I would definitely recommend her.

Jessica Lillienthal - Head of Internal Communications & Branding

Karina is a wonderful healing practitioner and if you have the chance to have a session with her, I highly recommend it. The energy is palpable, relaxing and amazing!

She is also the best teacher I have ever come across in all my years of mindfulness meditation and healing.

Tyroon Win - Practice Manager at Partnership Counsel

As usual it was excellent. I found this workshop essential for getting my skills more fine tuned.

Stephanie Shaw Diabetes Specialist NHS Nurse

I have attended both Karina’s Hi Chi and Quantum-Touch workshops.

She is a fantastic teacher and really manages to include everyone regardless of background. Her knowledge of alternative healing modalities and mindfulness meditation is amazing. She teaches them with ease and confidence. I was going through a phase of bad back pain at the time and her meditations greatly reduced my pain.

More and more people are now accepting of mindfulness and energy healing. Karina manages to teach this ancient lost human knowledge without all the woo woo one finds amongst the new age community generally. She makes it all sound so normal which it is. She is one of life good people who genuinely care about the human condition.

Kully Singh - Software Developer and Technologist

Karina was par excellence. The energy experienced was remarkable. I am a different person all together. My daily lifestyle and health has changed.

Florence Namukash, London General Nurse NHS – North West London Hospital

Brilliant! Very easy to follow. I felt calm, happy and above all the workshop was fun. Something definitely released.

Sophie Watson, UK Pharmacist

Karina is an amazing instructor, was able to explain everything in a clear and understandable way, giving real examples so we could visualise what was transmitted. The material was sufficient and adequate to guide us through the workshop.

Carina Pimenta, NHS Oncology Nurse

Since I experienced this my life changed in a very positive way. Not only it helped on physical level but also in the way I approach life. Even the most doubtful person felt that something was going on. I highly recommend Karina who is life inspiring.

C Boulin, London PhD immunology

Excellent! Well paced workshop with good balance between theory and practice. I had lots of physical releases!

Helen Oakwater, London Expert and consultant in adoption services, Author and NLP Coach

Thanks Karina, it really was a good experience, one of the best courses I have attended, and thank you to the group for helping make it that way and for healing my torn calf muscle!

Dr Rory M, MD (GP)

Uplifting, recharging, enlightening, amazing!

Dr Judit Povall, Chemist

I believe this is the first course that I’ve completed that heals the practitioner and takes great care of them, so they can help others. Wonderful.
Rosena Johnston, UK Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, UK Athletics Disability team for Paralympic games

Bina Newvell, UK Mental health support worker (MIND), Reiki Master

I learnt how important it is to breathe in order to help move the energy. The practice sessions were fantastic!
The bones in my feet had felt painful for some time…my feet now feel less painful!

Bina Newvell, UK Mental health support worker (MIND), Reiki Master

An amazing two days I learnt so much. Karina is an amazing teacher and passionate about healing. I now have a powerful tool to use on myself, my family and my friends. Thank you!

Carol Cassidy, UK Local Government Officer