About HI CHI

The HI CHI Integrated Health Institute was founded by Karina Grant after more than a decade of working as a highly results driven energy healing practitioner, international instructor and mindfulness teacher.

The HI CHI Mission:

At HI CHI we present our popular live and online programs about mindfulness meditation, wellbeing and energy healing. We teach easy to learn techniques that enable you to quickly rebalance your mind and body. 

Mindfulness Meditation has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system, alleviate the stress response and balance emotions. Our aim is to provide you with highly effective tools and resources that allow you to easily still your mind and body.

Gifting HI CHI:

The HI CHI Mindfulness meditation programs are being taught online and in communities around the world. We are passionate about sharing our programs with as many people as possible from all backgrounds. 

HI CHI has gifted our programs to people that work in children’s charities in Guyana, disadvantaged women’s groups in London and regularly gifts our programs to those with big health challenges that require financial assistance.

We have also been so delighted to share a HI CHI Library of Inspiration within a London community space, that will benefit hugely from having access to wellbeing books.  

Our community is ever growing and we are excited about making a big difference to people’s lives.

Welcome to a life of HI CHI!