Kaye W. Lee

Founder of Permissioning and Transformation™

Kaye began his journey into the world of meditation and self-awareness in Malaysia at the age of twelve when he began studying how to accelerate his mind. Whilst using these skills to dramatically advance his academic achievements he joyfully discovered that he was also able to program his mind to develop a specific type of singing voice.

Having excelled throughout his youth in various styles of martial arts, his ability to harness his own energetic abilities took him to a high level at a very young age.

This first step began the journey that ultimately took him around the world to train in both western and eastern skills in diverse subjects on healing, religion, spirituality, Feng Shui, self-development and accelerated learning.

He has had the privilege of having been personally taught by many leading teachers, including Jeddah Mali, Chunyi Lin, Paul Scheele, Win Wenger and others.

Amongst Master Lee’s many “titles” he is also a certified trainer in the Beyond Einstein releasing-genius training, and is also the only known PhotoReader who has completed his MA with accelerated learning from the University of Cambridge.

In 2020 Kaye was also awarded a first class MBA qualification by Durham University.

Master Lee is regularly consulted “behind the scenes” by personal development leaders and has been described as “indescribable”.

The Hi Chi Integrated Health Institute is absolutely thrilled to have Master Lee on the team.