Permissioning and Transformation Level 1

Sun, Oct 10th, 10:00 - 16:00 GMT

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This Permissioning & Transformation workshop Level 1 is spread over 2 Sundays (UK time)

Webinar dates & time:

  • Sunday 10th October @ 10.00 – 16.00 BST
  • Sunday 17th October @ 10.00 – 16.00 BST

“We can do with one permission what would take a meditator 30 minutes to achieve. It is possible to guide your mind through an entire meditation in a couple of minutes.

And then we do it 10 times.”

Kaye Lee, Creator of Permissioning and Transformation

What you will learn:

  • A set of techniques that is very effective at getting rid of negative emotions and solving problematic situations
  • A simple process that can transform stress and into peace, within a short timeframe
  • It can be done “on the go” during your day
  • Quiet anxious thoughts and feelings
  • Calm your mind, no matter how busy it is
  • Enter into a state of deep relaxation
  • Feel a sense of safety and deep well-being
  • Feel happier, more relaxed and productive for the rest of the day
  • Bypass the fight or flight response
  • Break the cycle of stressful and chaotic thought patterns
  • Give yourself the freedom to make new choices
  • Peace is associated with “doing nothing” which is actually difficult to do.
  • These techniques allow the “doing nothing” to emerge by itself.
  • Experience “empty space” and reset 
  • Create pathways with no resistance

These techniques are not:

  • Affirmations. We do not require ourselves to believe anything at all.
  • These techniques do not require concentration
  • This can be done with a completely distracted mind
  • This is not a discipline like meditation

The 4 flows of Permissioning:

Dissolve problems of the past, present and future.

Level 1 comprises four comprehensive sets of Permissioning techniques that target and release problems of the past, present and future. Each set creates a natural flow so that you can more easily achieve inner peace and freedom in yourself, at work, and with others:

  • Permission Flow 1: Self-Care and Empowerment – Find Calm in Chaos
  • Permission Flow 2: Empowerment at Work / projects – Make Decisions, Achieve Goals
  • Permission Flow 3: Fearless Life – Freedom from Social Anxiety
  • Permission Flow 4: Natural Balance – Relax into Lovingness

Topics covered:

Permission Flow 1:

Creating the space in the midst of what can seem like an overwhelming life, in order to set the stage for fully benefiting from Permissions.

  • Creating space to breathe: mental and internal space
  • Releasing energy locked in negativity
  • Resiliance
  • Daily motivation
  • Grief/loss
  • Gaining the leverage to change
  • Personal power and freedom
  • Auto boosters for energy, confidence and inner power
  • Receive more energy
  • Invoking inner wisdom

Permission Flow 2:

Empowerment at Work/Personal Projects – Make Decisions, Achieve Goals

  • How to experience unshakeable approval and respect internally regardless of how anyone else may behave.
  • Applying this to meetings, presentations and work colleagues.
  • Preprogramming behaviour and improving habits
  • The Decision-Making/Problem-Solving Process
  • Goal achievement and automatic personal transformation

Permission Flow 3:

Fearless Life – Freedom from Social Anxiety

  • Permission Flow 3 sets up a flow of Permissions targeted at the causes and symptoms of social anxiety.
  • Wiring Love into Past Experiences and Releasing Limiting Pattern
  • Find the freedom to release social anxiety
  • Reprogramming physical reactions to nervousness
  • Transform nervousness into enthusiasm
  • Accessing courage and wisdom instantly

Permission Flow 4:

Natural Balance – Relax into Lovingness

  • Rejuvenating and regaining energy
  • An experience of returning to zero, the ever-present balance. 
  • Growing Your Capacity for Love
  • Transcending the past to see the present with a fresh perspective
  • Empowered and Harmonious Home Life

What people are saying:

Permissioning really allows you to rest and to turn off your mind and gradually get rid of the stress chemicals. I use EFT a lot and that is really brilliant but you do stay in your head. With Permissioning and Transformation you get right out of your head. You are able to just move to a place where your thinking isn’t interfering. I got that immediately about it and I have continued to get it. I don’t know any other technique that takes you out of your thinking, overthinking and our addiction to thinking, in the way that I have seen Permissioning do that, very very very rapidly. 

It is really easy to do. I have used it with several of my patients who were very anxious at the time. One particularly has got through her whole experience of this lockdown with great calm and by the next day was sleeping using these techniques. The terrible fear and anxiety had left her by day 3. Using this my patients are able to drop out of their stories and come back home to themselves.

Lisa Jennings , London

Psychotherapist, Nutritionist, EFT practitioner and hypnotherapist previously working in NHS and currently in private practice

I am a nurse and for many years I have specialised in operating theatres and dental surgeries. After using Permissioning and Transformation techniques my manager at work noticed a positive change within me. I felt more confident in myself and that I can deal with life better generally. I explained to my manager that I was using the Permissioning and Transformation techniques. As a nurse we have to update our training every 3 years. She was so impressed that she approved the Permissioning training to be included as my CPD points for the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

It is powerful and unless you try it you will never know how powerful it is to give yourself Permission to sleep, be calm or do anything. I noticed the impact straight away within myself. I felt good, I felt strong and that I can handle any challenges. I was going through a very stressful situation in my life. The thing that really pulled me through was Permissioning and Transformation. When people knew what I was going through they asked how I was able to continue working whilst in such a terribly stressful situation that should have given me a nervous breakdown. The only thing I can say is that I was using Permissioning and Transformation and that is how strong this is. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without it for that time in my life. I used it as a first aid emotionally and that is how powerful it is.  

Yasmin Zellipour 

NHS Registered Nurse

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I called Karina after hearing that she had helped a friend of mine to have an easy birth with the Permissioning and Transformation techniques.

When I called her it was the day before my due date and I wanted an easy and natural birth. Karina taught me the Permissioning techniques for birth and I felt myself relax straight away. I used the techniques and also had some reflexology.

After a few days I spoke to Karina again and told her about my fear of being induced and of medical intervention because I was already considered overdue. My fears were big and Karina taught me how to totally release these fears using Permissioning. She also advised I went for some acupuncture to help move things along. I used the Permissions on the way to the appointment and on the way back. I felt my fears literally leaving and felt so balanced.

Even when my baby was 14 days late and there were other people’s fears projected onto me, I used the Permissioning and remained totally calm. All the tension and fear I previously had felt, released and I had an amazing birth that was totally natural.

I feel so blessed to have had such a blissful birth and to have had such an easy way to calm my emotions leading up to the birth.

A few days later my cousin was overdue with her baby so I quickly taught her how to release her fears with Permissioning and how to Permission an easy birth. She had her baby the very next day and it was also the exact birth that she wanted. These are simple and powerful techniques.

I had a brilliant birth experience and I am very grateful for the Permissioning techniques!

Hi Karina,

Thank you for the wonderful and inspiring workshop on Permissioning and Transformation that I shared with you.

I just wanted to give you some feedback about the processes I learned and how much they are helping me.

As you know I was in a very ‘dark place’ at the time.  I had been suffering with chronic fatigue, depression and chronic pain.  I had become a bit of a recluse in the home and didn’t want to engage with people other than my family.  You encouraged (invited) me to attend this workshop and up until the morning of it I wasn’t sure if I would make it.  Something told me innately that I had to attend.  So on the morning of it I literally forced myself out of bed to attend – how glad I am!

Having done the workshop I am using this on a daily basis and it has become part of my routine.  It is ‘part of me’ and I can’t thank you enough for the experience.

On returning home after the workshop I opened a letter from the tax office.  I was given a significant tax refund which was just what I needed as I had been unable to work for a few months. It was a gift from the Universe – I felt so blessed to have something happen soooo immediately and so unexpectedly.  A couple of weeks later I received another cheque in the post from my teaching agency as a bonus for recommending it to a colleague!

In addition I fairly quickly started to get my energy back and am waking up much more positively.  I have started juicing again and go out for walks again.  I have started to make serious plans about my future and actually take action where I had not had any motivation for months.  I am beginning to feel more like me.

I am also becoming intuitive about issues that I have had and have had some ‘aha’ moments.

I am on a big healing journey with Permissioning and Transformation, and it helps me more everyday. The shifts in my self-awareness and healing are continuing.

I am truly grateful to have attended this workshop and look forward to attending the next one soon.

With love and thanks as always to you for being so inspirational with your teaching and guidance.

P.J, Teacher UK


After suffering with some neurological problems post surgery 8 months ago, my brain has had real difficulties in winding down at times and Permissioning and Transformation has really helped me to find a greater sense of calm and peace, particularly at bedtime. I went from 3 hours of broken sleep max a night to getting 13 hours of deep sleep when using Permissions! I also find it lessens my general day to day anxieties. In addition to the above, I have recently started to use Permissions to lessen leg/hand tremours that I suffer with on and off and have definitely seen a positive change there too. Karina is a phenomenal teacher and wealth of knowledge and I would highly recommend this incredible technique to anyone looking to grow and bring about change for unhelpful patterns or ways of “being.”

“This is no exaggeration- I had the deepest and most restorative sleep since ‘it’ all happened. Thank you so much for showing me the Permissioning and Transformation techniques. I feel really grateful and I am going to use it every day.
Wow, I feel so good it’s like my body feels so still.”

Melissa P, Essex

“I booked a Permissioning and Transformation session with Karina 2 weeks before my 8th baby was due to arrive. The midwife had recently told me that my baby was breach and would not come out head first. She said this would likely require medical intervention. This caused me to really become anxious and what I really wanted was to go back into my blissful, trusting state that I was in before that conversation. I was so annoyed that she really caused me such anxiety.

I was looking for a way to deeply relax and return to my blissful state of peace and also hoping that the baby would turn herself.

During the session with Karina we worked on crafting Permissions about having an easy birth and also having total divine trust in being supported through the birth at all times.  I said the Permissions everyday for the 2 week period leading up the birth. My baby turned herself around naturally with no medical intervention needed.

6 of my 7 previous births have been longer and harder labours. I had one experience of a quicker birth. However this last recent birth was so fast and beautiful, that I had to text Karina soon after the baby was born to tell her about it and say thank you for the Permissions, which are so potent.

I knew that my baby was arriving quickly and she did.

Having a baby during in the middle of the COVID restrictions added to what could have been a stressful time. Regardless of what was said to me by anyone at the hospital and the environment in the hallways, I was in a state of inner peace the whole time. It was an amazing birth experience and I would recommend that other women experience how peaceful pregnancy can be and how quick birth can be by using Permissions.”

Y.D, North London

“Just a quick note to thank you for a very interesting and worthwhile webinar the other night.  I had to have my first MRI scan yesterday morning which I was not looking forward to coupled with a needle stuck in my arm vein.  I decided to use the permissions technique to calm myself down, give me strength and make me less anxious and it really helped a lot!”

A.C. London

Karina, thank you so much for this special session.  It was a real gift from above coming at the right time.  I felt so peaceful afterward,  and during the session, I found myself bonding with my baby in a way that I rarely do, really seeing her and feeling her.  I’m using this quite a bit now when I feel stuck in emotion and it’s powerful and light.  The one about life goals is also incredible.  Each time I say it, I feel a sense of purpose and excitement and strength.  Its a gift.
Lots of love and thanks again for being such a special messenger in my life for healing and love
C.P, Mother

I wish I could have captured the scene. On Wednesday the day after the workshop, I walked in to my classroom and began reading the girls a story. Usually they sit at their desks but today, 1 by 1 they all came to stand close to me. Some were holding on to me and asked if they could sit next to me for the day! I felt love all around. Something I haven’t felt in a long time!
I also had a deja vu moment where I felt this is where I am supposed to be in my life even though at times I don’t understand.
I’m keeping the work going and feel like my days are more meaningful.
Thank you so much!
E.B, Teacher

My baby has been in hospital with rsv since Wednesday. Thanks to Permissioning and Transformation, I am so focused, calm and feeling in surrender to God’s loving control. I was by myself here over the weekend, usually I would feel depressed, but I felt so empowered and I loved my experience of this.

E.S, London

The first time being guided through Permissioning and Transformation with Karina, left me feeling totally relaxed and almost as if a weight had been lifted. Practising it everyday has made a huge difference to my anxiety levels.

L.F, Mother


I am on my way from parents evening for which I need to meet 3 sets of teachers for 3 of my girls. Normally I would “flap my wings” and leave feathers all over the place. Whereas now I gave myself some Permissions and guess what – it was a breeze. Thank you so much!

Y. K, Mother


The workshop was very good, direct simple and easy to follow. I learned how to enter a state of stillness and self healing very naturally and rapidly


Business Owner

Just to say that I did the Permissioning prior to the injection, that whole morning and even on the train.. using the words that you adapted specifically for it. And it helped so so much! I felt calm and at peace and it all went well!


“Needed to again reiterate my gratitude to you for the helping hand. Glad there are people like you with compassion who make a difference. Please keep it up, I mean helping people in general. People like me often can’t see the options and how to make things better or even solve it altogether. So thank you, again…”

L.F, Malaysia

“For me so far Permissioning and Transformation is very effective in getting rid of negative emotions and solving problematic situations.:”

P.T.C, Malaysia

“Phew Permissioning helps!! I used Permissioning and Transformation with greatest good this morning to get me to reach Vancouva on the same day! It was meant to be delayed by a day :-)”

A.F.S, Malaysia

“A miracle happened! My sister used Permissioning and Transformation to keep her dog quiet last night. Her dog did not disturb any of despite big raining. This is the first time in history!”

C.L.C, Malaysia

“I tested Permissioning and Transformation on my journey home. I got 7 out of 10 green traffic lights :-)”

A.L, Malaysia

“Master Kaye, you really are a Bodhisattva in action.”

L.F, Malaysia

“I commented on a Facebook post yesterday about my online business. I had many people who asked but so far none got back yet about being interested. I did Permissioning and Transformation this morning. An old friend whose background I would like to recruit as a partner messaged me and asked me to tell her much more.”

A.F.S, Malaysia

“This is no exaggeration- I had the deepest and most restorative sleep since ‘it’ all happened. Thank you so much for showing me the Permissioning and Transformation techniques. I feel really grateful and I am going to use it every day.

Wow, I feel so good it’s like my body feels so still.”

Melissa P, Essex

After the first night of using this I went to the park with my Mum and it clicked for me. I realised how refreshed I felt from the Permissioning session the night before. Usually I can be quite anxious and the vibration in my body generally is quite fuzzy. When I put the Permissioning recording on and I was listening to your voice which was really calming, it felt like the energy in my body became really still. I started to drift off into that vibration rather than the frenetic feeling. So my sleep was silent and because it was more silent it was more restorative. The whole night was a peaceful frequency. I woke up that much more refreshed because that fuziness was gone. I felt really energised and it is amazing. I am really grateful for that. It is so power...

Since using the Permissioning sleep techniques my sleep is more full. I have stopped working nights which happened naturally. I am now in alignment with my sleep and I now get how important my sleep is. The first night I listened to the audio my sleep was so pure and so healing. It was perfect sleep. This became a marker for what sleep can be and should be. As I got further into the journey I naturally started to want to go to bed before midnight and didn't want to fall asleep on the sofa anymore. I started to clear stuff out of my room that wasn't serving my sleep. It was great. My sleep has been getting better and better and better.

The drugs I used to take had created a memory in my cells of not sleeping correctly. I feel like I have shifted and cleared that. It helped me to see what was there, in order to let it go. I thought it was amazing.

With a good night's sleep my weight training is more present and I feel like my mind is clear, rested and mindful. These techniques give you an insight into how perfect your sleep can be and give you the information that you can actually reach it. It is there. We just need to have the skills to clear whatever it is out the way and enjoy it. It is part of life and we need it to recharge our bodies. Even if you think you don't have an issue with sleeping, try it. I really recommend other people try this. It is the point of remembering what a good night’s sleep is. Waking up and feeling completely connected with my centre and then measuring my emotions against a night if I haven't had a good night’s sleep. I would rather have a good night’s sleep, thanks!

Debbie Giles

I am 52 now and I started to notice my sleep getting bad a few years ago. I would wake up 2 to 3 times in the night. I used the Permissioning and Transformation techniques and my sleep was positively affected. I actually started to sleep through the night. So I got into the habit of using this just before going to sleep.

Since the sleep program my sleep has got even better and it has continued to, two months after learning this. I noticed that after a while I didn't need to go through the whole process as my body seems to remember to go into a sleep state now. It is a natural process and a form of caring for yourself. It worked for me and you don't have to keep doing it after a week or two. Even thinking about the technique helps me trigger falling asleep. I would definitely recommend this, it is easy and is literally just listening to a process on a couple of audios. What could be more simple than that?

Kully Mall, London
Software Developer

Event FAQ's

Is this a method that I can use on myself or is it for healing others too?

This is a process that is officially taught for you to use on yourself. However, Kaye has had many students give feedback that it has worked on their pets and loved ones too.

How long will it take to feel a result?

After the first session of Permissioning and Transformation you will drop into your body and out of your headspace. This method unlocks your fixed perspective and this is when changes happen quickly. Many people experience a state of presence very quickly. The more you use the Permissions, the more your energy system registers it as your default setting – and you transform. We have had a student overcome years of suicidal depression within 2 weeks of using Permissioning and Transformation daily and long term anxiety overcome within days.

Can I use this for anything?

Yes, anything.

How often should I use Permissioning?

Ideally, daily and depending on how quickly you wish to shift into a higher state, you can use it 3 times a day. The process can be as long or short as you wish.

Do I need to have any healing experience?

No, anyone of any age or background can do this.

Who is the creator and founder of Permissioning and Transformation

Kaye W. Lee is the creator and founder of Permissioning and Transformation

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