Science meets Spirituality within the Periodic Elements

In 2019 Michael had the inspiration to start “The PE Guys“. After seeing the children in his family constantly sat in front of screens he had the inspiration to make science fun for kids. At the time he didn’t realise that his business would expand so quickly and appeal to every age, internationally.

“The PE Guys (periodic element)” have a unique online shop that sells the elements from the periodic table to science enthusiasts.

Whilst keen scientists of all ages collect the fascinating elements sold on the website, Michael says that the properties of all the elements are way more steeped in spiritual history, than his science-minded customers realise.

“If we look deeply, we can find all the Periodic elements mentioned in the Bible and Kabbalah. There are 92 Stable elements and if we look at Genesis, (Genesis 1:1 to 2:3, inclusive) the section describing creation, there are exactly 92 distinct words. If we look at the Book of formation, it has a code of the gasses used in the formation of the Universe.”

People are used to seeing healing crystals in spiritual shops and it is very common to collect crystals for healing purposes. Each crystal has a unique frequency and well-documented properties that have been used to heal various ailments, since time immemorial.

Michael would like to see all the elements from the Period Table showcased in spiritual shops too. Each element is as fascinating viewed from a spiritual perspective, as it is through a microscope.

The Periodic Elements are another gateway into understanding the natural world. Michael did not realise that his brilliantly packaged elements would garner such a popular online following within the scientific community, so quickly. His products give people of all ages something physical to hold as they learn about science.

In the same way that a person loves to hold their favourite Quartz crystal, his customers are totally fascinated by each element.

For example, someone holistic would use germanium for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), pain, weak bones and low energy. On the other hand a scientist would simply describe it as a chemical element with the symbol Ge and atomic number 32.

The Periodic Element table is a very unique talking point about where science meets spirituality. The division between the two is only a matter of perspective, literally. This is a powerful example to illustrate that there can be more than one narrative to a story and more than one explanation of Universal principles, depending on who is explaining it. Both are correct.

“My customers are actually tapping into far more spirituality than they realise. Every element is a prime example of how easily science and spirituality can meet.”

Accessing a new perspective on any topic literally frees up the mind and welcomes in an opportunity to experience reality with new eyes.

This is exactly what HI CHI is about – opening to new and higher perspectives in life!

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