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On New Year’s Day Netflix launched a new series about meditation, narrated by Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe. The explanations about how meditation positively influences the brain’s activity, are clear and easy.

Former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe takes the viewers through the scientifically proven benefits over 8 short episodes. Kudos to Andy for bringing the benefits of mindfulness meditation onto mainstream screens.

This is the perfect time to start a meditation practice and the benefits range from increasing our physical vitality to having much stronger emotional resilience too.

The absolute need for these tools has been clear with the increase of downloads on all popular meditation apps, including the HI CHI app.

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Creating the time to step back from our thoughts literally creates the space for new and clearer states of mind to arise.

Meditation is a practice and a skill that causes long term changes to take place in the brain. These changes can happen after a relatively short period of time and with consistent practice. An insight into neuroplasticity demonstrates how responsive our brain and our nervous system is when we introduce frequent moments of stillness into our day.

There are different styles of meditation which include silent timers, mindfulness and guided visualisations. The HI CHI App has a collection of meditations that guide you effortlessly through a relaxing experience. There are also free silent bell timers for those that wish to simply sit in a quiet space.

Whatever practice you should to include in your day, you will quickly feel the benefits of a still and present mind.


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